Facial cosmetic plastic surgery

Balance in the aesthetic outcome!

Our face is the first contact point with the world and, as such, it reflects our deepest feelings.

The medical doctor Dimitris Michelakis provides specialized facial improvement through surgical & non-surgical techniques, such as facial renewal, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, etc. & cosmetic surgery -since 2006- and is willing to help you achieve your objectives for the future.

Your age is engraved on our face and neck…

Look many years younger! Trust the removal of wrinkles in your face and neck in the hands of the plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis, in the most permanent way: with facial plastic surgery, otherwise, face lift and neck lift.

The plastic surgeon is at your disposal -in Athens-, so that you can examine with him the possibility of face and neck plastic surgery, the possible advantages of a face and neck plastic surgery operation, the possible disadvantages of the correction of wrinkles with a facelift, what will be the benefits for your personal look of an operation of cosmetic nature on your face/your appearance/your beauty and youthfulness, as well as the cost of a facelift – forehead lift, combined with a neck lift.

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Apart from the general information, you should be aware that there are particularities in every operation, that are adapted to the various needs of each interested patient. You should visit your personal plastic surgeon, in order to define together, the further details, questions, as well as schedule your operation.

Cosmetic Surgery


The eyelids consist an important aesthetic unit of the face. Time leaves its marks on this area and thus, blepharoplasty consists the first intervention against aging, that men and women demand. The outcome is often impressive and the satisfaction of both the patient and the medical doctor is great.

Many people argue that the most difficult body part to be corrected is the lower part of the face, the cheeks and the neck. One of the methods we use to correct time marks is rhytidectomy, which is widely known as face lifting.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that can be performed purely for aesthetic – cosmetic reasons, but when it is combined with the repair of the nasal septum, it consists reconstructive surgery. In the second case, we aim at the improvement of the functionality of the nose and, in parallel, we can correct something that “bothers” us.

Prominent ears is a condition that causes severe psychological problems from a very early stage, in childhood. Otoplasty is an operation of purely cosmetic character and regards adults -men, women- as well as children. Our goal is to restore the ears as close as possible to their natural size, shape and position. Plastic surgery can also correct various deformities of the auricles and lobules of the ears.



The expression wrinkles in the forehead, the glabella and the “goose leg” at the external part of the eyes can be eliminated with the use of Botox – Vistabel. The active ingredient is attenuated botulinum toxin, which reduces the intensity of contractions of the mimetic muscles that cause wrinkles. This procedure is almost painless, its results are visible in 1-2 days, while the optimal results can be observed 2-3 weeks after the application and their duration is approximately 4-6 months.

Hyaluronic acid is a material with which we “fill” the thin or deep facial wrinkles, which is however also used for the improvement of the appearance of the lips. Hyaluronic acid is injected with very thin syringes under the skin and this application is relatively painless. However, anesthetic cream can be also used locally. In the case of lips, a local anesthetic injection is performed. The result is immediately visible and its duration is approximately 9-12 months, depending on the formulation that is used. A slight redness is observed, which however recedes quickly.

The PDO facial threads offer firmness to the face outline, the neck, around the eyes & the lips. It is a bloodless lifting, without any incisions, with extraordinary results, without the need of aftercare or a recovery time! It is effective in all kinds of cases. The PDO threads support & lift the tissues, while improving, in parallel, the texture of the face.

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