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The femininity of a woman is expressed through her smile, her attitude and behavior, however it is also expressed in her body. The well shaped, well rounded and well positioned breasts is one of the greatest symbols of female life, however not all of the women are lucky enough to be born with these characteristics.

Sometimes a surgical reinforcement with implants is necessary in order to achieve a larger, more attractive breast shape and size. In some cases, a woman who initially had such a “full” breast will undergo a change in her appearance, after breastfeeding and pregnancy, or will lose the volume of her breast in the course of the natural aging process. A woman can also lose the “fullness” of her breast due to breast cancer, and in this case, implants may be required as part of the reconstruction process.

Correct the aesthetic problem! Trust the plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis -who has a medical practice in Athens-, for impressive results regarding the augmentation or lifting of your breast. Examine with the doctor the possibility of breast augmentation plastic surgery, mastopexy plastic surgery, breast lifting, breast lifting with breast implants, breast lifting with silicone, mammoplasty operations, breast augmentation with silicone, breast augmentation surgical operations, augmentation mammoplasty.

Contact the plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis and learn about the advantages/disadvantages of breast augmentation & lifting plastic surgery, as well as about the cost of such an operation.

Trust the plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis for a breast augmentation/lifting plastic surgery operation, for a unique aesthetic result, at a reasonable cost!

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Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

It is the right of every woman to “enjoy” her breasts, one of the greatest symbols of female life, despite the possible adversities that may occur, such as mastectomy. Today, there are many techniques that can help achieving this -simple or more complex ones. Thus, women today should choose the restoration of their breasts, and the sooner the better, so that they do not feel “mutilated” and, thus, have a better psychology to keep struggling for the recovery of their health. Trust the restoration of your psychology to reconstructive plastic surgery!

The experienced plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis can proceed to a breast reconstruction operation after mastectomy, with permanent results. Get immediately informed about the breast reconstruction techniques, the breast reconstruction with silicone, the surgical reconstruction of female breasts, the reconstructive breast interventions (operations) after the removal of a breast or breasts, for the total breast removal and the total -respectively- reconstruction of female breasts, with the placement of a nipple.

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Apart from the general information, you must be aware that there are particularities in each intervention, that are adapted to the different needs of each interested patient. You will have to visit your personal plastic surgeon, in order to define together, the further details, questions, as well as schedule your operation.