Body cosmetic plastic surgery

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Cosmetic and Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed for the treatment of body structures that are aesthetically or functionally affected by congenital abnormalities, developmental abnormalities, burns, trauma, infection, tumors, or diseases.

It is usually performed for the improvement of functionality and capacity, but it can also be performed in order to achieve a more typical appearance of the affected structure.

Minor operations for the removal of nevi, removal of hemangiomas/vascular lesions, the removal of cysts, the restoration of papillomas, and the restoration of granulomas, all lie within the context of reconstructive plastic surgery and the plastic surgeon can treat them either surgically, or with a laser.

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Trust the experience and sound scientific training of the plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis and examine with him the possibility of: microsurgical operations, reconstructive surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, microsurgical operations for tissue grafting -such as the microsurgical restoration of deficiencies/cutaneous deficiencies-, as well as microsurgical operations for the treatment of injuries.


The plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis is at your disposal, in order to examine the possibility of plastic surgery in the abdomen area, of effective abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operations, of mini abdominoplasty operations and aesthetic abdominal interventions in the context of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Deal now with the ugly deficiencies in the abdominal area, with: intervention for the repair of abdominal stretch marks, abdominoplasty, periumbilical abdominoplasty, plastic surgery to a belly over hang, abdominal lifting, lipoabdominoplasty, interventions for a fine belly definition, invasive method for the reduction of local abdominal fat.

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Liposuction – Liposculpture

Get rid of local fat and cellulite directly and quickly! The plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis is here to help you.

You can examine with him the possibility of body plastic surgery for the repair of possible body deficiencies, such as: liposuction operations, pulse liposuction, surgical liposuction, liposuction with laser, liposuction with the Smoothshapes laser system and 3D liposuction, in the context of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Undergo surgical operations for the removal of local fat, such as: lipoplasty, liposculpture operations, liposculpture of the upper abdomen, liposculpture of the lower abdomen, liporecycling, plastic regeneration.

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Aesthetic interventions for the restoration of the vaginal area, reconstructive vaginoplasty operations, plastic surgery of the genitals and other plastic operations in the vagina, such as: reduction of the size of the labia minora, increase of the size of the labia majora, vaginal reconstruction (rejuvenation) operations.

Trust the plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis, for vaginoplasty plastic surgery with a certain positive result.


Plastic and reconstructive intervention in the arms area, brachioplasty operations, mini brachioplasty, plastic surgery for the removal of fat from the arms as well as of the skin tag under the armpit, operations for brachial lipodystrophy, brachial dermolipectomy. Undergo:  aesthetic operations for perfect arms, brachioplasty, arm lifting, operations for the treatment of skin relaxation in the arms, brachial reconstructive operations.

Reconstructive surgery

-Reconstructive operation after Burns

-Oncology Surgery

-Removal of cutaneous lesions

-Restoration of Soft Tissue Deficiencies

-Restoration of bedsores (pressure ulcers) – Chronic ulcers


-Injury of the Upper and Lower Limbs

-Injuries of the hand edges and fingers

-Restoration of Soft Tissue Deficiencies

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Apart from the general information, you must be aware that there are particularities in each intervention, that are adapted to the different needs of each interested patient. You will have to visit your personal plastic surgeon, in order to define together, the further details, questions, as well as schedule your operation.