Dimitris Emm. Michelakis, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Adult & Pediatric Surgeon

Rejuvenate and revitalize yourself, with the aid of one of the most reliable names in Plastic Surgeon Athens!

The plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis offers his services in his private practice, in  Athens, treating both adult and pediatric cases. He is active in all ranges of Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery, of Microsurgery, and Laser Applications in this sector, having significant experience, thanks to a large number of surgical operations he has performed.
The aim of plastic surgeon Dimitris Michelakis is to turn your … rejuvenating voyage into a totally rewarding and deeply satisfactory experience.

With attention to detail!

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Dimitris Emm. Michelakis, MD

High-level Plastic Surgery services

Dimitris Emm. Michelakis, MD is an esteemed plastic surgeon and trusted provider of high-quality Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery services in Athens. His medical practice is known for top-notch care and exceptional medical expertise.

Dimitris Michelakis graduated from Medical School in 1993. After having completed his military service as a physician, he worked in the 1st Pediatric Surgery Department of the “P. & A. Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital and continued his training in Plastic Surgery at the “KAT” General Hospital of Athens and at the “Evangelismos” General Hospital of Athens.

During these years, he gained extensive experience in the fields of Cosmetic Surgery, Traumatology, the treatment of burns, as well as Microsurgical Tissue Grafting.

Since 2008, he is the Director of the Department of Plastic–Reconstructive Surgery & Burns of the Euroclinic Children’s Hospital. He is also an associate of the Iaso Hospital & Iaso Children’s Hospital and of the Athens Medical Center & Athens Medical Center Children’s Hospital. In parallel, he undertakes cases of children and adults in his private practices, in Athens.

More particularly, the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dimitris Michelakis undertakes the treatment of a wide range of medical cases, such as trauma, burns, minor surgery operations with local anesthesia, the correction of scars, bedsores (pressure ulcers), breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, cutaneous oncology, phimosis, hemangiomas, congenital melanocytic nevi, as well as complex hypospadias problems in cooperation with a specialized Team of Pediatric Surgeons.


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Cosmetic Services & Operations

The medical doctor Dimitris Michelakis offers high-level medical services in all range of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Microsurgery and Laser Applications, offering a wide range of treatments, invasive or non-invasive. With the application of the most modern and sound scientific methods, all kinds of adult and pediatric cases can be responsibly and effectively treated.

Cosmetic Surgery


• Blepharoplasty
• Face Lift (Face – Forehead – Neck)
• Rhinoplasty
• Otoplasty – Prominent ears
• Wrinkle treatment
• Botox
• Hyaluronic acid
• PDO & COG Lifting Threads



• Reconstructive Surgery after Burns
• Oncology Surgery
• Removal of skin lesions
• Repair of Soft Tissue Deficiencies
• Repair of pressure ulcers
• Chronic ulcers
• Melanoma
• Injury (trauma) of Upper and Lower Limbs
• Injuries of hand edges and fingers
• Repair of Soft Tissue Deficiencies


• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Lifting
• Breast Reduction
• Gynecomastia
• Breast Asymmetry
• Nipple Abnormalities
• Tuberous Breast
• Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy


• With Botox – Vistabel
• With Hyaluronic acid
• PDO Threads
• KOG (Lifting) Threads


Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery & Cosmetic non Surgical
for Adults & Children

A new series of exclusive services, that regard the entire range of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgery. With the use of the VIP services, you are offered the possibility of personal and direct consultation with the doctor, on his personal telephone line, as well as the provision of services at home!

Villa & Hotel visit services


Wound: assessment and/or treatment

Wound: wound suturing

Burn: assessment and/or treatment

Burn: treatment of burns

Wound/Burn dressing change

Removal of Sutures

Wrinkle treatment with Botox

Wrinkle treatment with Hyaluronic acid